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peticare - optimal beskyttelse og pleje til heste

peticare - optimal beskyttelse og pleje til heste

Horse care with the Peticare system for treatment and care

Anyone who sees a healthy horse in the pasture or in the barn with a shiny mane and hooves without grooves or cracks knows it: behind this there is a lot of work and above all there is proper care. During the life of a horse, this task can be a great challenge for the horse owner. Peticare accompanies the owner and the horse with a new care system, which is applicable both for the care and as an adjunct to accompany the cure of diseases.

Shining coat, silky mane: our products for hair growth and shine

The particularly long hair requires special care because it can quickly collect dust and dirt and knots. For mane and tail, Peticare has developed the care for long hair on horses. Through the caffeine release system, this care product is particularly effective because it activates and takes care of the hair root in a lasting way. During the  production, moisturizing agents have been used which significantly promote and improve hair growth. The hair care product is repellent against dust and dirt. A micro-thin protective layer forms on each individual hair - thanks to this, the mane remains easy to comb and does not knot more easily. Caffeine as an active ingredient is incorporated into a porous layer that will only release it slowly and lastingly. This creates a long-term effect that protects and cures hair follicles and hairs persistently throughout the day. This mode of action is absolutely unique on the market

We use the same effect for the  hair cure and hair growth by Peticare. Here too, the caffeine release system has a lasting effect, guaranteeing a healthy, silky and shiny shine and therefore also a sure grip for the saddle. 

Black flies and biting midges during the summertime: Peticare protects your animal from unpleasant attacks

During summertime, almost all horse owners have to deal with the problem of annoying gnats. The animal is almost powerless against them, because it manages to drive away only a few of these attackers with its tails. In addition to the buzz and the buzzing, the black flies and the biting midges also trigger a very different danger. They can cause wounds that develop into open eczema and, in the end, even cause serious health problems. With the STOP Black flies, Peticare ensures that all types of black flies and insects are no longer interested in your pet. In Peticare products, the so-called alarm pheromones are incorporated into a matrix of active ingredients. These pheromones emit an alarm signal that puts these insects to flight. The peculiarity is that the product works throughout the day - even when the animal rolls in the middle of the pasture. The active ingredients are stored in different layers: once a layer is removed, the second level is automatically activated. If your horse still suffers from sweet itch caused by bites, we have the right care for sweet itch in the horse (PetHorse Health 2000).

Care of the horse's hoof with Peticare

The animal's hoof should be as much as possible without cracks and furrows. Only then an effective protection is guaranteed, for example against mud fever. Our special care for horses' hooves also penetrates microscopic cracks and effectively improves the elasticity and resistance of the hoof thanks to highly effective substances. Once again, this is a depot preparation that does not lose its effectiveness throughout the day. 

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