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Spot-on - Protection against ticks

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petAnimal Protect 2161

Bio Spot-On against ticks, mites

9 months long protection for dog & cat

NEW - Proven quality by Peticare®

Highly effective herbal ingredients-based repellent with an innovative active complex that reliably keeps ticks, mites, fleas and other pests away from dogs, cats and other small animals.

The organic ingredients are combined in a special process (Peticare Release System) to an active complex. The Peticare Release System and the Active Complex make tick protection and mite protection lastingly very effective.

With regular use, there is a permanent all-year protection, even after contact with water by swimming and / or bathing.

The following descriptions do not take a discount into account.

Example (0,2 ml per kg or 1 m per 5 kg)
Required amount per season per one animal (February to October):
up to 10kg = approx. 200ml per year (approx. 10 € per month)
up to 20kg = approx. 400ml per year (approx. 17 € per month)
from 20kg = approx. 800ml per year (approx. 28 € per month)

• highly effective ingredients
• water-resistant all-year protection
• individual dosing possibility
• demand-oriented application
• flexible possibility of boosting
• repels pests reliably
• eliminates unpleasant odors
• guaranteed without Fibronil 
• guaranteed without permethrin 
• guaranteed without Imidacloprid
• for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks
• suitable for all fur and coat types
• developed without animal experiments


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Peticare® petAnimal Protect 2161

Protection against ticks - Spot-On 
Protects from ticks, mites, fleas

Peticare® petAnimal 2161 as a tick protection is a highly effective, based on herbal ingredients repellent with an innovative organic active complex that reliably prevents ticks, mites, fleas and other pests from reaching dogs, cats and other small animals. The effect persists after basic immunization even after taking a long bath or shower.

Areas of application in dogs and cats:
Preventing against ticks, mites, fleas, fungus and associated itching. The deodorizing formula additionally eliminates unpleasant odors.

What is a repelling spot-on?
A spot-on is an antiparasitic agent applied to one or more sites on the skin. The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and spread over the entire organism. In a repellent, the pests are not killed but the infestation is prevented from the outset, so that a tick bite can not even happen.

What is the difference:
Compared to other remedies that could protect from ticks, petAnimal Protect 2161 has no side effects common to the fipronil, permethrin, imidacloprid, effipro.
The frequency of use can be customized at any time individually to the personal needs and weight of the dog or cat.
When used at uniform application intervals, the repelling effect remains constant and the deterrent effect is sustained.

The PRS Peticare Release System guarantees sustained and even release of the active ingredients. Applying the spot-on creates a depot effect with retarding effect. The active ingredients are released slowly and evenly and can therefore penetrate slowly and evenly into the skin to spread throughout the body. 

How does the SPOT-ON work?
- The active substance, the Margosa-Co2 -extract is incorporated in a carrier liquid.
- Before use, it is imperative to shake the bottle vigorously.
- Take the desired amount with the pipette.
Apply remedy on the appropriate places directly on the skin.
Using a finger or a cotton swab, rub the liquid slightly into the skin.

Attention: the liquid that lands in the coat has no lasting effect, the material must be absorbed through the skin.
The defensive effect builds up slowly over the period of the primary immunization and reaches its maximum effect after about 10 to 15 applications. As a result, one application will suffice every 3 to 4 days.

How do ticks, mites and fleas react to the tick remedy?
- petAnimal Protect 2161 has a deterrent and repellent effect.
Immediately after the application, a pronounced escape behavior is evident
- Treated surfaces have a deterrent effect, preventing rapid repopulation.
- The natural bitter substances make food stale and make it inedible
Reproductive ability and oviposition are severely impaired.

ATTENTION: Of course, despite the use of petAnimal Protect, 2161 ticks or mites can fall on the dog. This can never be completely avoided with a free-roaming animal. However, the ticks, mites and fleas will not bite after the primary immunization but will remain loose on the animal and then fall off.
Even with gentle shaking, the ticks fall out of the fur and are thus no danger to the animal.
Ticks, mites and / or fleas remaining in the fur dry out within a very short time and die before they can hurt the dog.


Peticare® petAnimal 2161 acts defensively (repelling) against:
• all known species of ticks such as
•  castor bean (Ixodes ricinus)
•  ornate sheep tick (Dermacentor marginatus)
•  ornate cow tick or meadow tick (Dermacentor reticulatus)
•  brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus)
•  hedgehog tick (Ixodes hexagonus)
•  bont-legged tick (Hyalomma marginatum)

• all known species of mites such as
• harvest mite (Neotrombicula autumnalis)
• dog mange (Sarcoptes canis)
• biting mite (Gamasina)
• scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei)
• dust mite (Dermatophagoides)
• chewing louse (Trichodectidae)
• red mange - Demodicosis (Demodex canis)
• all demodex mites

•  all known species of fungi such as
•  Malassezia - Dermatitis 
•  skin fungi (Trichophyton, Mikrosporum)
•  Dermatophytes (Dermatophytosis)
•  Microsporum canis

•  dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis)
•  Deer fly (Lipoptena cervi)



The following descriptions do not take a discount into account.


Consumption data by recommended application: 
Use 1 ml per 5 kg of weight for each application.
The quantity for each application can be adapted
(for example, 2,5kg = 0,5ml, 5kg = 1ml, 15kg = 3ml, 25kg = 5ml)
Starting from 40 kg, the quantity for each application is always 8 ml regardless of weight


Quantity per

1st month
approx. every other day
8 Following months
approx. every 3 - 4 day
Yearly need (9 months)
February till October
10 kg2 ml15 x 2 ml = 30 ml10 x 2 ml = 20ml/mca. 200ml = 87,- € (10,00 €/m)
20 kg4 ml15 x 4 ml = 60 ml10 x 4 ml = 40ml/mca. 400ml = 148,- € (17,00 €/m)
40kg8 ml15 x 8 ml = 120 ml10 x 8 ml = 80ml/mca. 800ml = 250,- € (28,00 €/m)

10 kg20 kg40 kg

Quantity per application




1st month

15 x 2ml = 30ml

15 x 4ml
= 60ml

15 x 8ml
= 120ml

Following months

10 x 2ml
(20 ml/m)

10 x 4ml
(40 ml/m)

10 x 8ml
(80 ml/m)

Yearly need
(9 months)
Feb. tp Oct.

ca. 200ml = 87,-
(10,00 €/m)

ca. 400ml = 148,- €
(17,00 €/m)

ca. 800ml = 250,- €
(28,00 €/m)




Natural and highly effective main ingredients: 

- purified margosa CO2 total extract
- coconut virgin oil extract (lauric acid)
- macadamius oil, rimulgan
- sort spidskommen oil
- natural jojoba oil
- natural borage oil
- natural DMSO in pharmaceutical grade
   (Dimethyl sulfoxide with 99.9% purity)

Margosa COtotal extract: main ingredients and their effect
Azadirachtin, salannin, meliantriol, nimbin, nimbidin.
Made from the Neem tree.
The effect: repelling, deterring against ticks, mites, fleas and others
In over 200 pests an antifeedant, growth-inhibiting effect occurs. The reproduction of the parasites is reliably stopped.

Coconut virgin oil extract: main ingredients and their effect
Saturated fatty acids such as lauric acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid.
The effect: Repelling against stinging insects and arachnids, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, moisturizing.

Distilled lavender oil: main ingredients and their effect
Linalyl acetate, linalool, cineole.
The effect: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.

Natural DMSO Ph.Eur. (Dimethyl sulfoxide with 99.9% purity):
Organic, bipolar, colorless solvent
The effect: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic
transports active ingredients through the skin into the body cells.

Storage / transport:
Delivered in a tested special HDPE bottle (100ml / 200ml)
The bottle contains no harmful plasticizers and is insensitive to DMSO

Peticare® petAnimal Protect 2161 
Protection from ticks Spot-On 
Protects from ticks, mites, fleas

• highly effective active ingredients
• water-resistant all-year protection
• individual dosing possibility
• demand-oriented application
• repels pests reliably
• no consequential chemical damage
• eliminates unpleasant odors
• guaranteed without fibronil 
• guaranteed without permethrin
• guaranteed without imidacloprid
• for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks
• suitable for all fur and coat types
• developed without animal experiments

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

Instructions for use: 
IMPORTANT: Shake well before each use!
The product should be at least room temperature when used.
2ml can be taken at a time with the supplied pipettes.
If there is a higher demand, multiply the amount

- Use 0.2 ml each kg (1 ml per 5 kg of weight) for each application
- The quantity for each application can be interpolated
- (for example 5 kg = 1 ml, 15 kg = 3 ml, 25 kg = 5 ml)
- Starting from 40 kg, the application quantity is always 8 ml regardless of weight

The treatment consists of two phases and is divided into weight classes

1st phase basic treatment - basic immunization 

Over a period of about 4 weeks, a basic immunization is established.
During this time, the effect increases steadily, until the full protection is achieved after about 10 to 15 (approx. every other day) applications.
In the first 4 weeks, depending on the weight of the animal, an amount corresponding to the weight of the animal has to be applied every two days. For this purpose, take the enclosed pipette and fill it with the appropriate amount for your anima. Distribute the determined amount evenly dropwise in the line between the shoulder blades of the animal and the root of the tail along the spine. Divide the coat with your fingers, apply the special spot-on directly to the skin and rub it in.

ATTENTION: Be sure to use the pipette to apply the agent directly to the skin and not to the coat. Do not apply the special Spot-on on open wounds. During the basic immunization, the coat may temporarily get a slightly oily sheen due to the included carrier material.

The basic immunization must be repeated after each application break that lasts longer than 3 months.

2nd phase Booster- permanent use
After the basic immunization has been done, it is sufficient to apply the spot-on approximately every third day (8 - 10 times a month).
The application and the amount is identical to the amount you have used for the basic immunization and it corresponds to the information in the table that corresponds to the weight of your animal.

Boosting can be done as long as there is a risk of meeting ticks, mites or fleas.
Peticare Special Spot-on can be used without any problems for the pet during the whole tick time from February to October. 
In rare cases (less than 0.5%) allergic reactions can occur.


Technical data:

  • Depot preparation (storage of active substance)
  • Retard preparation (delayed release)
  • Shelf life at least 12 months, see label
  • use up opened bottles within 6 months
  • Storage: Store at (20-28° Celsius) protected from light.
  • Storage and transport: The product is delivered in a special tested HDPE bottle.
  • The bottle does not contain any harmful softeners and is insensitive to DMSO.

If the product is cooled down considerably during storage, flakes may form. This does not affect the effect of the product. A short warming up to approx. 30 to 40 degrees and then a vigorous shaking leads again to an even distribution of the active substances. 

Use biocidal products with care.
Always read the label and product information before use.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not drink, inhale or ingest.
Do not spray mucous membranes.

BAUA: N-86425

If the product is strongly cooled during storage, flocculation may occur. This does not affect the effect of the product. A short warming to about 30 to 40 degrees and then a vigorous shaking, again leads to a uniform distribution of the active ingredients.

The tick protection petAnimal protect 2161 by Peticare is classified as a biocide by law because of its purpose to protect dogs and cats from parasites. Biocides are products that kill unwanted organisms. Likewise, repellent products are classified as biocidal and are therefore subject to the Biocidal Products Directive, irrespective of the active substances contained. Legislation requires certain warnings to be included in the description and on the label to ensure that they are used as intended.

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