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Ear mites in the cat

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petCat Health 3011

Ear mites & Ear mange

Special product for cat ears

Newly developed on customer request (from October 2018)

Biologically highly effective and newly developed specifically for ear mites and mange mites in cats. The ear mite, also called mange mite (Otodectes cynotis) is a parasite that nestles in the outer ear canal of the cat and leads to severe itching.

Our highly effective organic formula against ear mites and mange mites continuously releases the active ingredients thanks to the patented PRS Peticare Release System

Ear mites and larvae die off, the itching disappears and the cat is free of symptoms again in no time at all. Fast regeneration of cat's skin and ears by 100% biological care components.

For all other types of fungus, mites and itching

=> Peticare Mites Remover - Peticare petCat Health 3010


• removes the itching in and at the ear immediately
• in case of infestation by ear mites, mange mites
• guaranteed cortisone-free 
• guaranteed antibiotics-free 
• no harmful chemical ingredients
• depot preparation (storage of active ingredients)
• retard preparation (sustained release)
• biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• also good for kitten and baby cats
• guaranteed harmless to humans and animals
• shelf-life of at least 12 months (at +5°C till +25°C)
• PRS peticare-release-system

To protect your cat, the product contains guaranteed ....
• no neem oil
• no tea tree oil
• no black cumin
• no terpenes

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Basispris: 100 ml / 29,80 €
29,80 €

Peticare® petCat Health 3011 
Ear mites and ear mange in the cat
(for cats, kitten and baby-cats)

The special care product against ear mites and ear mange in cats produces a very thin and homogeneous layer on the skin of the cat. The special PRS Peticare Release System releases the active ingredients against the ear mites and ear mange on the affected areas evenly and sustainably for a long period of time (up to 24 hours).
Ear mites and larvae die off, the itching disappears and the cat is free of symptoms again in no time at all. The regeneration of the attacked cat skin is sustainably supported. The hair loss, which can be caused by the infestation of ear mites, the scratching and licking of the itchy ears, are stopped and the coat begins to grow again after a few days.

For all other types of fungus, mites and itching

=> Peticare mites remedy -  Peticare petCat Health 3010

Peticare® petCat Health 3011 for cats is a highly effective, 100% organical, technological premium care product that has been specially developed to prevent itching and infestation by ear mites and ear mange in cats. The remedy for ear mites and ear mange is guaranteed without harmful chemical ingredients. This innovative technology of the PRS Peticare Release System makes the remedies against itch, fungus and mite unique and particularly effective in cats. 

There is no danger if the cat or other pets will lick the areas treated with the product.

Peticare® LivingClean 2010 (Long term surface desinfection for animals) 

Bacteria-free, virus-free, fungus-free and mite-free environment for your cat!
For the disinfection of the surrounding areas such as litter box, scratching post, toys, cat covers, transport box and lying areas.

Peticare® petCat Health 3011 (itching, ear mites, mange mites) for cats has a lasting and reliable effect on itching due to ear mites and ear mange. The care product relieves even the strongest itching in the cat. It reliably prevents chafing, scratching and licking. The skin damaged by the infestation of ear mites regenerates within days and the fur (first fluff) begins to grow again at bald spots after 5 to 7 days. The special highly effective care formula protects the damaged cat's skin permanently against a dangerous microbial and bacterial infestation.

Natural and highly effective ingredients:
- Cold-pressed coconut oil (vitamin E)
- Chamomile extract
   (Egyptian organic chamomile flowers)
- Pure vaseline
- Pure aloe vera
- Extract of Lovage Root (Levistici radix)

Shelf life: 12 months at 5°C to 25°C

Fields of application in the cat:
It stops ear mites infestation, e.g. through the mange mite and relieves even the strongest itching

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for  breeders, veterinarians, veterinary surgeons and others.
Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.

Peticare® petCat Health 3011 
(Ear mites and mange mites in the cat)

• removes the itching immediately
•  eliminates ear mites and mange mites
• supports the healing of the cat's skin
• guaranteed cortisone-free 
• guaranteed antibiotics-free 
• no harmful chemical ingredients
• depot preparation (storage of active ingredients)
• retard preparation (sustained release)
• biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• also good for kitten and baby cats
• guaranteed harmless to humans and animals
• shelf-life of at least 12 months (from +5 to +25 degrees)
• PRS peticare-release-system

Environment: fully biodegradable
no water hazard (Class 1 according to German standards)
Dangerousness: none

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

Shake well before each use!

Apply the care product against ear mites and ear mange (itching on the ear) daily one or two times very sparingly, evenly and thinly on the inner auricle. Lightly rub in the care product with your finger or a clean brush or a Q-tip (cotton swab). Apply the remedy also on irritated and reddened, bloody and / or purulent places. The remedy must be applied on the skin (not the coat). In rare cases, during the first one to two days, the itching can easily intensify in very sensitive cats, as the ear mites or the mange mites move more intensely under the influence of the product.

Just a few drops are enough. For an approximately palm-sized area, 2 to 3 drops are already sufficient. The ear mites are killed in no time, the itching is immediately reduced or stopped. The 100% organic ingredients with their special, highly effective care formula sustainably ensure perfect regeneration on the treated areas.

Drops dispenser - Tip dispenser 
(Standard for 100 ml bottle):
For a normal case of ear mite infestation we recommend a treatment with the reclosable dispensing tip. With this dispenser you can easily apply and massage a few drops on the affected parts. For an area the size of a hand, about two to three drops are already sufficient.
Duration of use:
Continue the treatment with the care product at least until the symptoms end. In case of infestation by ear mites or mange mites continue the use for ca. 14-21 days so that also the next generation (eggs or larvae of mites) of mites is prevented. A clearly visible improvement normally occurs already after  2-5 days.

Technical data:
• Thinner: None
• Consumption: A few drops
• Storage: 5°C to 30°C
• Shelf life: 12 months at +5 o +25°C
• Water Pollutant: none (Class 1 according to German standards)

   Christine fra Lenggries   07.12.2019

Alles bestens

   Karin fra Berlin   03.12.2019

Alles super ,Ware wie beschrieben und schneller Versand

   Paolo fra GROPELLO CAIROLI   15.11.2019

Buon prodotto utilissimo per combattere gli acari nelle orecchie dei nostri gatti. Ha fatto sicuramente la sua parte ed è risultato funzionante e utile

   Alexander fra Marktbreit   15.11.2019

Alles bestens, jederzeit und gerne wieder. Vielen Dank nochmals...

   Klaus fra Friedland   01.11.2019

alles super

   Gerhard fra Bad Homburg   21.10.2019

Spitze Danke

   Haiko fra Sundern   11.10.2019

Sehr Gute Ware und sehr schneller Versand und Gute Abwicklung !!!

   Jusseaume fra ALAISE   10.10.2019

parfait merci !!

    fra Berlin   07.10.2019

Super Ablauf, bin sehr zufrieden mit der Ware. Danke schön

   Monique et Christian   22.09.2019

I ordered from you the peticare 3110, we have just started the treatment, I think there are already improvements, but I would like to know how long it will last knowing that my cat was hit on the back legs (no hair). The upper part of the thigh can already be caressed, so it must be less inflamed and its hairs are 1/2 cm long, its normal hair length is 1 cm to 1.5 cm, it has also been attacked on sides of the chest, for the moment, he has only a down and so he must still be inflamed, his belly was attacked and as everywhere he was attacked, he has crusts, the upper part of the column lumbar to the middle of the back it has a large crust of the width of the spine, on the neck and above the head, some hair regrowth but it is laborious, in addition, I hope that this treatment is really thundering, because I'm afraid mites are attacking his face. knowing that my cat is of the "European" type and that, as none of my cats have been reached, it is very likely that it lacks immunity.
thank you

   Ingrid fra Mayen   10.09.2019

Unsere Katze leidet seit Jahren ganz schlimm an einer Allergie auf Milben. Sie kratzt und beißt sich überall blutig. Antientzündliche Spritzen wirken nur kurzzeitig,Spot on zeigt keine Wirkung. Nun habe ich die entzündeten teils blutigen Stellen mit dem Wirkstoff behandelt und es ist eine deutliche Besserung eingetreten. Die Stellen sind am abheilen.

   Arianna fra Dego   05.09.2019

Venditore consigliato! Tutto perfetto.

   Natalie fra Köln   02.09.2019

olles Produkt. Angenehmer Geruch

   Maurizio fra VILLANOVA D'ARDENGHI   21.08.2019


   Angelo fra Megesheim   17.08.2019

Habe meinen Kater mit starkem Milbenbefall behandelt.(morgens/ölen und abends/ausspühlen) Nach einer Woche war ein sehr gutes Ergebniss zu erkennen.Bei sehr starken Befall würde ich den Anwendungszeitraum verlängern und Geduld mitbringen.(Ihr Haustier wird es ihnen danken) Kaufempfehlung von mir

   Meritxell fra Flonheim   15.08.2019

Funktioniert wie erwartet. Schnelle Lieferung. Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswerter Händler

   Sabina fra Leverkusen   12.08.2019

Super!!! Danke!!

   Nelly fra Perl   09.08.2019

Alles perfekt. Vielen Dank und gerne wieder einmal.

   Brix, fra Bochum   07.08.2019

Habe den Artikel am 2. Tag nach der Bestellung bekommen. Konnte somit meinen Kater schnell behandeln und habe das Gefühl, es hilft. Muß zwar erst noch etwas abwarten, aber es sieht sehr gut aus.

   Leya fra Dresden   06.08.2019

Super Qualität. Überpünktliche Lieferung.

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