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Maintaining cat ears properly

Maintaining cat ears properly

Itching and ear care in the cat

The ears are very sensitive organs in cats, and they need special care. Vermin like ear mites feel particularly comfortable in the climate of the cat ears. They cause painful and lengthy inflammations. Also, fleas and fungi can spread in the cat's ear and cause a strong itching. In order to quickly free your cat from uninvited guests, we would be happy to recommend suitable products from our peticare range of care products.

What causes itching in the cat's ear?

The first symptoms of fungal or mite infestation are that the cat is scratching excessively on the ear and may even cause bloody spots. Some cats also react with a lurching or shaking of the head, because they perceive a foreign body therein. In this case, small parasites such as fleas or mites have settled in the cat's ear. First, they attack the pinnae and are there recognizable with the naked eye as a black, crumbly secretion.

The skin fungus in the cat causes similar symptoms. It occurs mainly in smaller or older and weakened animals whose immune system can not sufficiently ward off the pathogens. You can recognize a fungal attack on the ear of the cat by itching and scaly areas. The cat loses the fur hair and shows general unwellness.

After a veterinarian has made the diagnosis and got tothe bottom of the itching on the ground, you will find by peticare the right products to stop the tormenting itching.

This is how peticare cats help with ear care

With our peticare ear care for the cat, we have developed a care product that is highly effective for itching caused, for example, by a flea or mite infestation. We make the preparation without any harmful chemical ingredients, so that the application is completely harmless, even in kitten. The preparation reliably stops even the strongest itching in most mite species such as biting mites, autumn grass mites, demodex mites, ear mites, chewing louse, mange mites and other mite species, as well as fungal infestations and many flea species.

This is how the peticare release system works for your cat:

The natural, highly effective ingredients such as cold-pressed coconut oil and chamomile extract, medicinal, pure white oil and distilled ylang-ylang oil are stored in a porous structure. As a result, they are not given all at once, but they work over a longer period. In this way, a long-term effect, which stops the itching in the cat reliably and quickly. Parasites disappear in no time and the skin can regenerate quickly. Ears and cat skin are reliably protected against a new case.

Our tip: as parasites and fungi can spread over the entire body of the cat, we recommend an additional treatment with the peticare special shampoo for mite and parasite infestation.peticare special shampoo for mite and parasite infestation.

Our cat care products are all biodegradable and absolutely safe.


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