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Juckreiz bei Milben und Pilz bei Katzen

Juckreiz bei Milben und Pilz bei Katzen

Itching, fungi and mites in cats:
Peticare has the right care product

When cats scratch more and more, the alarm bells are ringing at pet owners. For a possible cause of itching can be, for example, a fungal attack or a mite infestation. Often a pest infestation is very persistent, because the usual care products are licked away from the animal shortly after application  and they lose their effectiveness. Peticare has therefore developed a unique release care system that effectively combats fungi and mites in the cat and provides effective protection throughout the day.

Skin fungus and mites: The two most common causes of itching in the cat

The skin fungus symptoms can be very different in the cat. They range from itching, through dull, fading fur to sores on the skin. Cats can become infected with skin fungus on the whole body. Often it is the head, the tail, the back or even the legs of the animal that are most affected. The diagnosis is made by the veterinarian. He will then write out mostly ointments and creams, but they will only be able to act locally and are usually perceived by the cat as disturbing. The cat licks or rolls outside in the damp grass - the preparation is washed off and then loses its effectiveness.

Vermin such as fleas or mites are also noticeable by increased scratching. Especially free-range cats get infected very fast. Fleas are wingless insects that jump very far and thus reach the animal from a distance of up to 1.5 meters. They make themselves comfortable in the fur of the cat, feed on their blood and lay eggs. As a result, a large population is formed within a very short time. Mites, however, are small, spider-like animals that require direct contact with the host. They do not feed on the blood but on the cat's skin cells. Again, the treatment is often difficult, because you can not appeal to the reason not to lick the active ingredients from the fur again. This is where peticare comes in with a unique active ingredient and care system.

peticare helps quickly and effectively in case of skin fungus, mites and fleas

On the one hand, there are the special active substances used by peticare for the production of care products against itching due to fungal and mite infestations. All preparations do not require cortisone, toxic chemical ingredients or antibiotics. Thus, the preparations are even suitable for pregnant cats and kitten. Active ingredients such as cold-pressed coconut oil (vitamin E), chamomile extract (Egyptian organic camomile flowers), medicinal pure white oil and distilled ylang-ylang oil are incorporated into a drug matrix. This is a semipermeable structure that gradually releases the ingredients to the cat's skin and stops itching in the cat immediately. If a layer is licked, the underlying layer is released and fungi, mites and fleas have no chance.

Discover all peticare products for mites and itching in cats. We have also developed a special care system for the treatment of sore skin spots caused by itching in the cat.

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