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Coat care for the horse - Fur shine

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petHorse care 2003

Coat care & Coat shine

Silky shininess & caffeine

Peticare® petHorse Care 2003
Makes the top coat supple and soft, provides more shine, better growth, more effective regeneration, more protection against soiling and better protection against drying out.

Highly effective coat care with the special caffeine release system.

Product Features:

  • moisturizing ingredients
  • promotes and improves coat growth
  • Caffeine Release System
  • lasting silky sheen
  • no more knotting, easier to comb
  • dust and dirt repellent
  • Long-term effect due to caffeine depot
  • PRS Peticare Release System



Mærke: Peticare ©
Vare-nr.: 9032
Rabat gyldig indtil: 30.09.2021
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Basispris: 100 ml / 6,60 €
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peticare® petHorse care 2003
(Coat care, coat shine)

The precious peticare® Coat care for horses (horse's coat growth and shininess) gives to the fur of the horse a persistent silky sheen. Caffeine promotes hair growth and supports its regeneration in case of heavy solicitation.

An extremely thin protective film wraps every single horse hair. In this way the horse fur is protected and the outstanding desired silky sheen is defended. The persistent protective layer on the horse coat has a potent repellent effect against dust and dirt. The soiling is reduced and the surface is considerably easier to brush and care.

Caffeine settles on the skin and hair of the horse in a very thin, porous and homogeneous layer (matrix).

Thanks to the innovative PRS peticare-release-system (persistent and delayed release) the caffeine is released slowly and evenly. Thanks to this long-term effect (depot / retard formulation) caffeine is released over a long period of time on the horse's skin to the hair follicle. Thanks to the stored caffeine, the growth step of the root of the hair is dilated and elongated persistently.

This innovative technology makes the care of the mantle with peticare® unique for its persistent and effective mechanism of action.

Peticare® petHorse care 2003 (Coat care & Coat shine for horses) ensures significantly more brightness, better growth, actual regeneration, increased soiling protection and better protection against dehydration.


Natural ingredients:
Caffeine, polysiloxane, silk proteins, ylang-ylang
Natural fiber protection, valuable care components

Detailed information about the topic:
Coat Care for horses

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for horse farms, bridleways facilities, stables, breeders, veterinarians and others.
Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.

peticare® petHorse care 2003 
(Coat Care, Coat Shine for Horses)

• Moisturizing active ingredients
• Promotes and enhances fur growth
• Caffeine-release-system
• Persistent silky shine

• It repels dust and dirt
• Long-lasting action thanks to the storage of caffeine
• Secure support for the saddle
• Fully biodegradable
• Guaranteed harmless to humans and animals
• PRS peticare-release-system


According to the anti-doping rules and medicines control rules of the German Equestrian Federation, the use of this product is allowed in competitions.

Safety advice: do not drink, inhale or ingest. Do not spray on mucous membranae.
Environment: completely biodegradable, no water pollution (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)
Hazard: none

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA


Instructions for use:

Shake well before each use!

Remove the macroscopic dirt before first use.
Atomize sparingly, wait ca. 5-10 minutes (depending on temperature) and then brush or comb the fur.

Optimal action:
The complete protective film, which is formed on each single hair, and the dirt repellent effect linked to it are obtained after ca. 3-5 applications.

Delivery with vaporizer:
The peticare® petHorse care 2003 (Coat care & Coat shine for horses) comes with a vaporizer pump.


Technical data:

• Dilution: none
• Hardening / Drying: 5-10 minutes
    (Depending on the temperature)
• Storage and shelf life: see label on the bottle
• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Storage temperature: from + 5 ° C up to + 25 ° C
• Toxicity: none

• Water Pollutant: none (Class 1 according to German standards)
Shelf life: 12 months



   Petra fra Moers   06.04.2021

Den Anflugstopp hatte ich letztes Jahr beim Pferd getestet.

   Morgane fra Muret   12.02.2021

Merci comme d’habitude parfait. Et expédition très rapide

   Faz fra Mühlhausen   17.06.2019

Sehr fix wie immer

   Faz fra Mühlhausen   29.09.2018

Sehr schnell, super Zubehör für sprühflaschen, immer dabei

   melina fra Bova Marina    06.12.2017

Prodotti eccellenti io posseggo un frisone e la sua criniera è ritornata fiorente con i prodotti petitcare

   Ruggiero fra Lusciano (ce)   28.11.2017

Un ottimo servizio di consegna, e sopratutto i vostri prodotti. Complimenti

   Anna fra Rüllschau   12.03.2017

Das Produkt überzeugt, da ist es mir den doch stolzen Preis wert.

   Sofie fra Skanderborg   23.01.2017

Kløen er aftaget, men jeg synes ikke forbedringer af huden går så hurtigt, som der står på flasken.

Langhårsplejen virker rigtigt godt.

   Christina fra Fürth   21.04.2016

Super schnelle Lieferung!
Rund um zufrieden! Das Spray hält was es verspricht!


Gute Ware, gerne wieder

   Monika fra Wultendorf   21.05.2015

schnelle Lieferung, super Qualität!


Top Produkte! Alles Super!


Top Produkte! Alles Super!

   Snezana fra Erligheim   18.01.2015

Die Lieferung erfolgte prompt und zuverlässig, auch die Info bezüglich der Zustellung vorab war hilfreich. Die Produkte sind mega gut, vor allem das Mittel für die Mauke wirkt sehr gut und sichtbar schnell. Bei Bedarf werde ich es wieder kaufen.

   Snezana fra Erligheim   18.01.2015

Die Lieferung erfolgte prompt und zuverlässig, auch die Info bezüglich der Zustellung vorab war hilfreich. Die Produkte sind mega gut, vor allem das Mittel für die Mauke wirkt sehr gut und sichtbar schnell. Bei Bedarf werde ich es wieder kaufen.


Lieferung, Ware und Kundendienst, alles sehr gut.






TOP Ware, TOP Service, TOP Beratung


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