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Itching in the horse infested by fungi and mites

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petHorse protect 2002

Fungi & mites in the horse

Itching, fungi & mites infestation

Peticare® petHorse Protect 2002
Biologically highly effective against grass mites, autumn grass mites, demodex mites, hair lice, mange mites and other mite species. Also effective against all other types of fungi and fleas (e.g. dog flea, sand flea, chicken flea etc.).

Highly effective organic formula against itching, fungal, mite and flea infestation in horses. Rapid regeneration of the horse's skin with 100 % organic care components. Continuous release of the active ingredients through the PRS Peticare Release System.

Reliably and quickly stops any itching caused by fungal and mite infestation. The re-colonisation of mites and fungi is sustainably prevented.

Product Features:

  • for severe itching
  • for fungal infestation, mite infestation, mange
  • for all types of fleas
  • guaranteed free from cortisone
  • guaranteed free from antibiotics
  • Long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
  • also for foals and pregnant mares
  • PRS Peticare Release System
  • Depot preparation (active substance storage)
  • Retard preparation (delayed release)

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29,80 €

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peticare® petHorse protect 2002
(Itching, fungi, mites)

peticare® petHorse protect 2002 for horses is a highly effective full-biological, high-tech premium care product  to be used in case of fungal and mites infestation.

Even the most intense itching in the horse is mitigated immediately and the healing of the affected horse's skin is sustained long term. The hair loss that occurs due to infestation by fungi and mites is stopped and the hair starts to grow back already after a few days.

The special treatment means for horses forms with its natural active principles a very thin, porous and homogeneous layer on the horse's skin. Using the special PRS peticare-release-system (long-term and homogeneous release) the active ingredients are released slowly and evenly

The active principles are released thanks to this long-term effect (depot / retard product) in an uniform way over a long period of time. Itching in the horse is stopped quickly and effectively. The infestation by fungi and mites is quickly and effectively stopped. This innovative technology makes products for itching, fungi and mites for horses unique and particularly effective.

Ingestion of the product by the horse and other pets is absolutely harmless.

Bacteria-free, virus-free, fungi-free and mite-free environment for your horse!

peticare® LivingClean 2010
(Surface disinfection for animals)
We also recommend the disinfection of horses living environment and surfaces such as horse box, horse trailer, stables, bridle, saddle with the specially adapted peticare® Long-term surface disinfection. Both products are available in a SETat a reduced price!

peticare® petHorse protect 2002 (itching for fungi and mites) for horses, acts sustainably and reliably against itching, fungi and mites. Our care product relieves even the strongest itch in horses and ensure that horses do not rub the skin.

Skin damaged by a mite infestation in the horse is regenerated within a few days and hair (first down) in bald areas begins to grow again after 5-7 days. The special highly effective formulation protects the horse's skin for long from a dangerous microbial and bacterial infestation.

Even the strongest itching, such as for example the one triggered by the attacks of grass mites in horses, is successfully relieved, too.

Natural and highly effective ingredients:
- Coldpressed coconut oil (vitamin E)
- Coldpressed almond oil

- Chamomile extract (organic Egyptian chamomile flowers) 
- Pure vaseline oil
- Distilled Ylang ylang oil
- Pure organic aloe vera

Shelf life: 12 months (5°C to 25°C)

Application areas in the horse, donkey, cow, camel, dog, cat and other farm animals
Even stops the strongest itching, fungi and mite infestation, including for example:

•  Harvest mite (Neotrombicula autumnalis)
•  Ear mange (Otodectes cynotis) 
•  Scable mite (Sarcoptes canis) 
Mesostigmatid mite (Gamasina) 
•  Sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei) 
•  Dust mite (Dermatophagoides)
•  Biting louse (Trichodectidae) 
•  Red mange - Demodicosis (Demodex canis) 
•  All Demodex mites
•  Scabies mange (Scabies) 
•  Skin fungi (Trichophyton, Microsporum)


To prevent mite infestation effectively:
To prevent mite infestation, use peticare® Multi-Repellent-Mosquito ulti-Repellent-Mosquito (petAnimal protect 2009). The active ingredient ICARIDIN keeps mites (harvest mites, mange mites ect.) up to 8 hours from your pet away. 

Detailed information about the topic:
Mite infestation in horses
Itching in horses
Grass Mites on horses

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for horse farms, bridleways facilities, stables, breeders, veterinarians and others.
Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.


peticare® petHorse protect 2002
(Itching, fungus, mites)

• It takes away the itching immediately
• In case of fungal infestation, mites infestation, mange
• Guaranteed free of cortisone
• Guaranteed free of antibiotics
• Without harmful chemical ingredients
• Depot preparation (deposit of active ingredients)
• Retard preparation (long lasting release)
• Biodegradable
• Long-term effect up to 24 hours 
• Also for foals and pregnant mares
• Guaranteed harmless to humans and animals
• Shelf life of at least 12 months (from +5 to +25 degrees)
• PRS peticare-release-system

According to the anti-doping rules and medicines control rules of the German Equestrian Federation, the use of this product is allowed in competitions.

Environment: completely biodegradable, no water pollution (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)
Hazard: none

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

Instructions for use:

Shake well before each use!

Apply the product once or twice a day in a very frugal, even and thin wayon skin areas affected by itching, fungi and mites. Rub/massage product gently on the skin with your fingers or a clean brush. Apply the product even on irritated and reddened, bleeding and/or purulent areas. The product must be applied on the skin (not on the hair). In rare cases the itching may increase slightly during the first two days in very sensitive horses, as under the effect of the product, the mites move more, until their death.

The product can also be used on the ear (ear mange). Put one to two drops of the product on your finger and distribute it on the side of the inner ear.

Just a few drops are enough. For an area about the size of a hand, 2-3 drops are already sufficient. Mites are killed in no time, the itching is relieved or stopped immediately. The 100% organic ingredients ensure a perfect lasting regeneration in the treated areas, thanks to their highly effective special formulation.

Drops dispenser - Tip dispenser (Standard for 100 ml):
For a normal case of fungi and mite infestation in individual zones we recommend to treat with the reclosable dispensing tip. With this dispenser you can easily apply and massage a few drops on the affected parts. For an area the size of a hand, about two to three drops are already sufficient.

Spray dispenser (supplied starting from 250 ml):
For large areas up to very large, or in cases of whole surfaces of infestation, you can use the mechanical atomizer. However, application with a dropper is more efficient and precise.

Duration of use:
Continue the treatment at least until the symptoms go away. In case of infestation by mites continue the use for ca. 14-21 days so that also the next generation (eggs or larvae of mites) of mites is prevented. A clearly visible improvement normally occurs already after 2-5 days.

In case of concomitant use of BLACK FLY ATTACK STOP avoid the application of this product on the treated parts, so that the effect of the two products does not overlap.

To prevent mite infestation effectively:
To prevent mite infestation, use peticare® Multi-Repellent-Mosquito (petAnimal protect 2009). The active ingredient ICARIDIN keeps mites (harvest mites, mange mites ect.) up to 8 hours from your pet away. 

Technical data:

• Thinner: None
• Consumption: A few drops
• Storage: 5°C to 30°C
• Shelf life: 12 months 

• Water Pollutant: none (Class 1 according to German standards)

   Cécile fra Maure-de-Bretagne   24.06.2021

Supers produits, des le 1er shampoing les résultats sont visibles. Plus de croutes, peau hydraté qui se régénère. Combiné avec la lotion, c'est vraiment extra !!! Bon certes ça reste cher mais ça marche.

   melanie fra nordhastedt   16.06.2021

Juckreiz wurde schnell besser und brüsten lösen sich...sehr zufrieden

   Thomas fra Didderse   12.06.2021

Ware wie beschrieben, gerne wieder.

   Ralf fra Wolfratshausen   04.06.2021

Sehr freundlich u hilfsbereit am Telefon. Schneller Versand. Pethorse wirkt Wunder. Unglaublich, wie in Tagen der Flaum wieder kam u die pinkfarbene Haut wieder normal wurde. Wir haben zusätzlich, gegen die Sonne auf nackter Haut, einen dünnen Kniestrumpf abgeschnitten und über das Bein gezogen. Ich bin begeistert u werde es wieder kaufen, wenn er wieder mal Fell verlieren sollte. Danke.

   SIMONA fra medesano   31.05.2021

tutti i prodotto peticare che ho provato mi hanno completamente soddisfatto e il servizio clienti quando ho avuto bisogno è stato eccezionale ad indicarmi il prodotto migliore

   Sabrina fra Niedersachsen - Braunschweig   27.05.2021

Hilft super gut. Wir sind total zufrieden...

   Ludwig, fra Hamburg   25.05.2021

so ein tolles produkt!sehr ergiebig, leicht zu händeln und total sanft zu haut & haar!!man kann dem XXX-befall wirklich zuschauen beim auswaschen!!!

   Uschi fra Allschwil   17.05.2021

brauche es schon seit 3 Jahren, ist das Beste bisher was ich schon alles probiert habe.

   Michael fra Horsmar   16.05.2021

Super schnelle Lieferung. Wirksamkeit ideal. Nur zu teuer finde ich.

Kommentar fra Peticare

Hallo. Leider lässt dich der Preis nicht anders darstellen. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkten ist die Produktion, und damit letztendlich die Wirksamkeit, sehr aufwendig. Die spezielle Herstellung und die biologischen Wirkstoffe garantieren, dass jedes peticare® Tierpflegeprodukt ein hochwirksames Depotpräparat und Retardpräparat ist. Die Wirkstoffe sind in einer Matrix (Wirkstoffdepot) bis zu 24 Stunden gebunden. Zusätzlich eingebundene Hilfsstoffe sorgen dafür, dass die Matrix langsam und gleichmäßig erodiert und sich über einen Zeitraum von ca. 24 Stunden auflöst. Die Wirkstoffe werden daher langsam und gleichmäßig freigesetzt und können daher die gewünschte Wirkung bis zu 24 Stunden beibehalten. Das Langzeitdepot und die Retardierung (verzögerte Abgabe) der Wirkstoffe macht peticare Produkte wesentlich wirksamer als vergleichbare im Markt befindliche Pflegeprodukte. Kleiner Hinweis: Es ist uns trotz allgemeiner Preissteigerung, gelungen seit 2013 die Preise stabil zu halten.

   patrizia fra SESTRI LEVANTE   12.05.2021

Prodotto validissimo molto utile. La spedizione è stata veloce e sicura

   Petra fra Borkheide   10.05.2021

Alles bestens. Gerne wieder

   Thomas fra Walsrode OT Bockhorn   10.05.2021

Ware wie beschrieben gut verpackt immer gerne wieder

   Kornelia fra Lingen   03.05.2021

Ich war bereits Kunden und wir sind gut zufrieden

   Anna fra Parsberg   26.04.2021

Das Öl ist sehr angenehm in der Handhabung, Geruch und hilft bei meinem Pferd gegen den Juckreiz bei Hautpilz.

   Luisa fra Neukirch   26.04.2021

Einmal probiert und seit dem nie schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht

   federico fra caraffa di catanzaro   19.04.2021

Spedizione veloce. Prodotto molto efficace

   Yvonne fra Rullstorf    18.04.2021

Ich war bereits Kundin: Meine Pferde haben sehr positiv auf die Anwendungen reagiert!!

   Doris fra Fischbach   05.04.2021

Ein super tolles Produkt

   Angela fra Solingen    01.04.2021

Von der Wirkung bin ich noch nicht 100%ig überzeugt aber vielleicht muss ich es einfach nur noch etwas länger benutzen

   Marie fra Claix    01.04.2021

Stop bien les démangeaisons et reste longtemps sur la peau. Prévoir 2 flacons si beaucoup de zones à traiter.

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