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Mosquito-plague through mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes

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petHorse protect 2009

Insects, mosquitoes, horseflies

Multi-Repellent (Animal defense)

For horses, cattle, dogs, cats and other animals
Against mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ticks.

The active ingredient ICARIDIN, that is a highly effective repellent and is absolutely well tolerated by the skin, repels reliably insects, mosquitoes and ticks up to 8 hours.

• it protects horses, dogs, cattle, cats and other animals
• economical use and with excellent yield
• protection up to 8 hours
• retard / depot preparation
• repulsive substance (repellent)
• highly effective "icaridin" preparation
• active ingredient tested by WHO
• protective effect against mosquitoes and ticks
​• no waiting time, immediately effective
• dermatologically harmless
• harmless to man, animal and environment
• peticare®-of-release system (PRS)

NEW PRODUCT: prevention from mites and ticks
Protects from mites and tick infestations => petAnimal Protect 2161

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Basispris: 100 ml / 9,54 €
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peticare® petHorse protect 2009 
(Multi-Repellent Mosquito)

Protection against mosquitoes, biting midges, insects and horseflies

Multi-Repellent Moskito (animal) is suitable for horses, dogs, cats, cattle, rodents and other farm animals.

(For use on humans, please use the Multi-Repellent Moskito Human care)

Consumption according to recommended use, e.g. on the horse:

SizeQuantityProduct durationPrice per month (approx.)
250 mlenough for 1 horseup to 20 daysca. € 55,00 per month
500 mlenough for 1 horseup to 6 weeksca. € 39,00 per month
1 literenough for 1 horseup to 3 monthsca. € 32,00 per month
5 litersenough for 3 horses3 x  up to 5 monthsca. € 26,00 per month pro horse
SizeEnough forTreatment durationCost/month
250 ml1 horseup to 20 daysabout 55,00 €
500 ml1 horseup to 6 weeksabout 39,00 €
1 liter1 horseup to 3 monthsabout 32,00 €
5 liters3 horses3 x up to 5 monthsabout 26,00 €/horse


For professional use (breeding, riding stables, veterinary, etc..) Packs of 5, 20, 30, 200 liters
(In case of commercial use, contact us for large dimensions packs, via email to info@peticare.eu)

peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 (Multi-repellent Mosquito) is a highly effective multi-functional premium product for the defense against mosquitoes, biting midges, insects and horseflies. This special product is designed in a technologically specifically way for the protection of horses, dogs, cattle and other farm animals. The  ICARIDIN is used as a basic active ingredient as highly effective  repellent (means of defense).

This complex means of defense is perceived by the body on biochemical basis, and in particular through the insect olfaction of insects, biting midges and mosquitoes. In this way, the insects, the biting midges, the common mosquitoes, the tiger mosquitoes and the horseflies are intimidated and stop their approach.

Kindly take into account our special product for specifically stop infestation of BLACK FLIES AND MIDGES !

Contrary to an insecticide, by the use of peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 (Multi-repellent Mosquito animal) insects are not killed. After application to the skin, the repellent (from the Latin, to remove) evaporates smoothly along. In this way, for a period of time up to 8 hours, a continuous protective layer persists, that is a few millimeters thick, which blocks the approach of insects, mosquitoes, biting midges and horseflies.

The olfactory perception (sense of smell) of approaching insects and horseflies is disturbed and the supposed prey is no longer attractive to insects and horseflies.

Active ingredients:
Icaridin (tested by the WHO),
ethanol, coat builder
100 g contain: 20.0 g sec-butyl 2- (2-hydroxyethyl) piperidine-1-carboxylate

Shelf life: 12 months (+5°C to +25°C)

1. The active substance
The active substance ICARIDIN, unlike other preparations, is placed in a tiny and homogeneous matrix. This technological formulation originates an innovative retard and depot preparation. The active ingredient icaridin is released slowly and evenly thanks to the special PRS peticare-release-system (PRS).

The active ingredient icaridin (WHO specification) has been tested since 1998 as regards to its effectiveness and as regards to the physiological harmlessness.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has assessed the active substance ICARIDIN as excellent

Freely translated from the WHO report:
- tested under moderate, tropical conditions
- excellent insect repellent property
- suggested as effective protection means of prevention
- good security profile
- good cosmetic properties
- no significant influence on common materials

NEW PRODUCT: prevention from mites and ticks
Protects from mites and tick infestations => petAnimal Protect 2161

2. Molecular Treatment
The "icaridin" and other active ingredients are placed in a tiny and porous structure (matrix). The combination with other ingredients forms an additional long-term protective layer on the surface, that is open to diffusion. This molecular processing originates an innovative retard / depot preparation.

The active ingredients are slowly and uniformly released over many hours.The active ingredients which are bound in the matrix (deposit of active ingredients) are released slowly and evenly thanks to peticare® release-system. This delay (delayed release), in conjunction with the storage of active ingredients, makes peticare® Multi Repellent Mosquito unique and extremely effective.

3. Duration of protection – up to 8 hours
• gadflies and horseflies
• flies and stable flies
• tsetse flies
• sandflies (Aedes, Culex, Simulium)
     (The aedes mosquito spreads the virus zika)
• tiger mosquitoes
• malaria mosquitoes
• Yellow fever mosquitoes
• mosquitoes (malaria plasmodium)
• mites and leeches (b.p. grass mites)

peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 (Multi-Repellent Mosquito animal) is sprayed to cover entire surfaces, unlike the  Stop infestation of black flies and midges. After a heavy rainfall, renew the protection for safety from insect attacks and bites. The product is absolutely dermatologically harmless to humans and animals.

Detailed information about the topic mosquitoes, biting midges and black flies:
Biting midges and insects plague
Stop infestation of black Flies

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for horse farms, bridleways facilities, stables, breeders, veterinarians and others.
Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.

peticare® petHorse protect 2009 
(Multi-Repellent Mosquito)

• it protects horses, dogs, cattle, cats and other animals
• economical use and with excellent yield
• protection up to 8 hours
• retard / depot preparation
• repulsive substance (repellent)
• highly effective "icaridin" preparation
• active ingredient tested by WHO
• protective effect against mosquitoes and horseflies
​• no waiting time, immediately effective
• dermatologically harmless
• harmless to man, animal and environment
• peticare®-of-release system (PRS)

According to the anti-doping rules and medicines control rules of the German Equestrian Federation, the use of this product is allowed in competitions.

Safety advice: keep away from fire, do not spray on a naked flame, do not drink, inhale or ingest. Do not spray on mucous membranae. Keep out of reach of children.

Hazard: Flammable. 
Environment: completely biodegradable, no water pollution (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)

Use biocides safely - before use always read label and product information. BAuA-Reg.-Nr .: N-86326

Our special products for protection against insects:

• Stop Black Flies & Midges – For animals
• Stop Black Flies & Midges – For humans
• Multi-Repellent Mosquito – mosquitoes and horseflies on animals
• Multi-Repellent Mosquito – mosquitoes and horseflies on humans

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

Instructions for use:

Shake well before each use!

Spray extensively the animal's body from a distance of 15-20 cm and spread the Multi-repellent on the coat. If windz, it is necessary to ensure that the spraying is actually lazing on the horse.

peticare® petAnimal protect 2009 (Multi-repellent Mosquito animal) can also be sprayed on an area with eczema.

Do not spray Multi-Mosquito Repellent in the mouth, nostrils or eyes (mucous membranes).

Multi-Mosquito repellent is not waterproof and therefore must be renewed in case of rain or after a heavy sweat.

Technical data:

• outdoor rearing:
    for security immediately renew
    protection after heavy rain
• ingredients: icaridin
• ingredients: other names
    hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine
    carboxylate (INCI)
• ingredients: chemical name
    piperidine-carboxylic acid
    (2-hydroxyethyl) -1- methyl-propyl ester
• Storage and shelf life: see label on the bottle
    in the original container at least 12 months
    keep away from direct sunlight
• Storage temperature: from + 5 ° C up to + 25 ° C
• Safety advice: keep away from flames,
    do not spray on a naked flame, do not drink,
    inhale or ingest.
• Do not spray on the mucous membranae. Keep away from the
    reach of children.
• Danger: Flammable
• Water contamination: very weak water contamination (water contamination class according to the German rules: 1)

If your horse is an eczematous patient and could have an allergic reaction to black flies and midges, please use in addition the special product developed for this purpose, "Stop the attack of black flies and midges".

Do not apply the Multi-Mosquito repellent in the areas (nebulization points) where the Multi-repellent Mosquito has been applied, because the active ingredients would overlap in these areas.

   Marion fra Balingen   08.09.2021

alles prima!!

   Birgit fra Rastatt   06.09.2021

Habe das Produkt in einem postivemn Beitrag in unserer Facebookgruppe gesehen

   Heike fra Saalfelden   01.09.2021

Mit diesem natürlichen Produkt leben mein Pferd und dadurch ich um einiges stressfreier im Sommer! Kann ich nur empfehlen!!

   Ulrike fra Löffingen   31.08.2021

Alles genau wie versprochen. Schade ist nur, dass sich das Fell in Verbindung mit Sonne und Spray etwas verfärbt. Das find ich nicht so schön. Der Nutzen ist aber so groß, dass ich das in Kauf nehme. Von mir eine klare Empfehlung!

   Bettina fra Schifferstadt   26.08.2021

Ein sehr gutes Mittel gegen die Kribbelmücken. Das erste, was meinem Pony geholfen hat.

   Katja fra Nackenheim   07.08.2021

Durch eine Mückenplage am Hochwasser ist unsere Hündin mehr als zerstochen! Eure Produkte helfen jetzt nach 3 Tagen Anwendung schon super und wir empfehlen diese gerne weiter! Bearbeitung der Bestellung und Lieferung auch super schnell! Danke!

   Elke fra Homberg   30.07.2021

Meine 26 jährige Araberstute, durcvh Cushing dicht behaart, kommt wesentlich besser durch die warme Jahreszeit, es sind viel weniger Stiche und Pusteln bemerkbar. Auch die beiden Hafis meiner Tochter profitieren vom Kriebelmücken Stopp. Gern immer wieder.

   Linda fra Calasetta   28.07.2021

Grazieee , il mio cavallo è rinato !

   Katja fra Grabfeld-Behrungen    23.07.2021

Habe das petAnimal Protect 2009 schon länger in Gebrauch. Mein Hund ist extrem gegen Grasmilben allergisch, seit dem ich das Spray nutze geht es ihm deutlich besser,die Haut ist kaum gerötet und auch kein Pfoten knabbern mehr. Netter Nebeneffekt keine Zecken oder Flöhe. Top

   Catherine fra Cantenay-Epinard   19.07.2021

   Nicole fra Rosbach   14.07.2021

funktioniert super und greift vor allem das Fell nicht an, wie bei den meisten anderen Produkten. Er hat seit ich Peticare benutze kaum noch Grasmilben und das Mückenspray funktioniert auch super.

   Gabriele fra Linz   05.07.2021

Meine Islandstute hat keine Mücken mehr in den Ohren !

   Claudia fra Gwatt-Thun   04.07.2021

Mein Pferd hatte offene ,rote Wunden von den Insektenstichen. Mit HautRepair-Salbe heilten sie innert 4 Tagen ...ich verwende nun das petAnimal Protect 2001 ..es hält was es verspricht. ...ist leider recht hoch im Preis ...aber super in der Wirkung

   Nadine fra Seckach   03.07.2021

Wir testen gerade die Spezialmischung, da das normale Mittel leider doch nicht so gewirkt hat wie gedacht! Das kommt aber wie gehört nur selten vor... Wir testen jetzt erstmal die Spezialmischung Ansonsten ist der Kundenservice sehr nett und die Lieferung kommt sehr schnell!

   Britta fra Leck    27.06.2021

Ich bin ein sehr skeptischer Mensch, was diese Produkte angeht. Aber ich bin so positiv überrascht. Mein Pferd hat noch die Decke drauf, aber sie steht draussen ohnd ständig unruhig zu sein. Sonst hat sie sich immer in den Stall verzogen, wenn das Wetter schön wurde. Ich werde mir auch eine grössere Einheit bestellen und versuchen, wenn ich sie öfter einsprühe 2-3 mal, ohne Decke zu lassen. Vielen Dank, der Sommer ist gerettet

   Nicole fra Morbach   27.06.2021

Mein Pferd ist sehr zufrieden (-:

   Tatjana fra Lausen   26.06.2021

Super schnelle Lieferung! Das Produkt ist noch nicht lange im Einsatz, aber ich glaube bisher wirkt es echt gut.

   Melanie fra Barum   23.06.2021

große wirkung sehr ergiebig top produkt

   Stefanie fra Daun   23.06.2021

Kriebelmücken Stopp funktioniert super, vielen Dank!

   Sabine fra Eschenbach   21.06.2021

Hat wieder alles bestens geklappt.

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