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Eczema in dogs - Hot spot - Treatment of eczema

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petDog health 2100

Eczema on the dog - Skin care

Hot spot & eczema on the dog

Biological care product for itching and eczema (dermatitis) in dogs.

Highly effective bio-formula for inflamed skin reactions such as redness, swelling, blisters, thickening, encrustation, oozing, dandruff, itching and dry skin.

Fast regeneration of the dog skin with 100% organic care components.

The special care formula protects the permanently damaged skin of the dog against a dangerous microbial and bacterial infestation.

Continuous delivery of active ingredients through the exclusive PRS Peticare-release-system

• stops the itching immediately
• in all eczema forms (dermatitis)
• protects against microbial attack
• protects against bacterial attack
• guaranteed free from cortisone
• guaranteed free from antibiotics
• without harmful, chemical ingredients
• depot preparation (active substance storage)
• retard preparation (delayed release)
• biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• safe for humans and animals
• shelf life min. 12 months
• PRS peticare-release-system

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29,80 €

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peticare® petDog Health 2100
Treatment of the eczema in dogs

petDog health in 2100 (Treatment of eczema in dogs) is a premium, highly effective, completely organic and highly technological means of treatment for dogs. It supports the healing process of the dog's skin in case of eczema (dermatitis), 100%, without harmful chemicals.

The special highly effective formulation protects the permanently damaged skin of the dog against a dangerous microbial and bacterial infestation. The itching is immediately stopped and the care component, that are 100% organic, provide for a perfect lasting regeneration of the affected areas.

Fields of application petDog health 2100
Treatment of the eczema in dogs

• wet eczema (moist dermatitis)
• eczema (atopic dermatitis)
• itching, neurodermatitis
• inflammatory skin reactions
• psoriasis
• dry skin (dandruff)
• redness, swelling of the skin
• formation of vesicles (dry and wet)
• scaling (dandruff)
• chronic eczema (dermatitis)

petDog health 2100 generates with natural active ingredients a very thin, porous and homogeneous layer on areas of skin that are affected by eczema and itching.

The active ingredients are placed in a tiny, porous and homogeneous structure (matrix). The matrix of active ingredients works as a long-term storage. Using a special PRS peticare-release-system (regular release and persistent over time) completely biological active ingredients are released slowly and regularly.

The active ingredients of this special highly effective formulation, thanks to the long-lasting effect (depot / retard preparation), are released on the eczema (dermatitis) over a long period of time.

This innovative technology makes peticare® Treatment of eczema in dogs unique of its kind, and particularly effective.

There is no danger if the dog or other pets will lick the areas treated with the product

Bacteria-free, virus-free, fungi-free and mite-free environment for your dog!

Peticare® LivingClean 2010
(Surface disinfection for animals)
We also recommend the disinfection of the surrounding areas such as dog kennels, toys, dog covers, transport boxes, lying surfaces, with the special peticare® long-term surface disinfection. Both products are also available as a saving SET!

Natural and highly effective ingredients:
- Cold-pressed coconut oil (vitamin E)
- Chamomile extract
   (Egyptian organic chamomile flowers)
- Pure white mineral oil
- Ylang-Ylang distilled oil
- Pure aloe vera

Shelf life: 12 months at 5°C to 25°C

Use in professional applications:
Peticare® professional system for breeders, veterinarians, veterinary surgeons and others.

Large packs of 500 ml up to 200 liters are basically delivered along with empty handy bottles of 100 ml or 250 ml with label and nebulizer.

Peticare® petDog health 2100
Treatment of the eczema in dogs

• stops the itching immediately
• in all eczema forms (dermatitis)
• protects against microbial attack
• protects against bacterial attack
• guaranteed free from cortisone
• guaranteed free from antibiotics
• without harmful, chemical ingredients
• depot preparation (active substance storage)
• retard preparation (delayed release)
• biodegradable
• long-term effect (up to 24 hours)
• safe for humans and animals
• shelf life min. 12 months (+5 up to +25 degrees)
• PRS peticare-release-system

© Copyright
Peticare® by Peticare International SA

Instructions for use:

Shake well before each use!

During initial treatment apply the product twice a day sparingly and evenly on the parts affected by itching and eczema (dermatitis). Rub / massage the product with your fingers or a clean brush / brush, until completely absorbed.

As soon as the healing process is clearly visible, the application of the treatment for eczema can be reduced to once a day.

Just a few drops. For an area the size of a hand about two to three drops are already sufficient. The itching is reduced or stopped immediately. Thanks to their special formulation, the 100% biological ingredients provide a lasting basis for a perfect regeneration of the damaged skin of the dog and stop effectively the itching.

Drops dispenser - Tip dispenser (Standard):
For a normal case of eczema in individual zones we recommend to treat with the reclosable dispensing tip. With this dispenser you can easily apply and massage a few drops on the affected parts. For an area the size of a hand, about two to three drops are already sufficient.

Duration of use:

Continue to use until completely healed. An improvement is normally clearly visible already after 2-5 days.

In case of concomitant use of BLACK FLY ATTACK STOP avoid the application of this product on the treated parts, so that the effect of the two products does not overlap.

Additional trick:
If a crust on the wounds is formed, massage it every two or three days with the scabs ointment (for horses and dogs)


Technical data:

• Thinner: None
• Consumption: A few drops
• Working temperature: 5°C to 30°C
• Storage: 5°C to 30°C
• Shelf life: 12 months
• Impact from the environment: do not use at temperatures below 5°C
• Toxicity: None
• Water Pollutant: none (Class 1
 according to German standards)


Note: Black Flies
In order to prevent the enlargement and spread of the existing eczema, while using the Treatment of eczema in dogs you should use at the same time the Stop black flies.

The Black Fly Attack Stop reliably prevents the dog from being bitten by black flies and further itching or allergic reactions arise due to histamine. A skilled mediator (pheromone) sends a biochemical signal to the black flies and thus reliably prevents the black flies and midges attack. Through the PRS-system (peticare®-release-system) the active ingredient is released uniformly over a time interval up to 24 hours on the dog's skin and ensures peace of mind and protection from black flies.

   TURC Pierrette fra MARTIGUES   17.09.2021

Le produit a l'air efficace, le prix un peu cher à cause des frais de port. Mais dans l'ensemble je suis satisfaite. Merci

   Véronique fra Vert le petit   16.09.2021

Après l’échec du traitement vétérinaire habituel sur un hot spot situé sous la gueule de mon chien, je me suis tournée vers un produit plus naturel. Quand j’ai débuté le traitement, cela faisait 9 jours que je luttais contre ce hot spot sans succès et je plaçais tous mes espoirs dans ce baume. Dès la première application, j’ai vu mon chien être plus appaisé durant quelques heures, puis au fils des jours, il a arrêté définitivement de se gratter ou de frotter sa tête par terre. Cependant, il a fallu au moins 7 jours avant de voir les effets bénéfiques sur le hot spot, il a commencé à ne plus suinter et là, tout a été très vite, en 3 -4 jours la peau est devenue rosée et quelques jours plus tard les poils ont commencé à repousser, c’est un véritable soulagement pour tous. Je voulais conclure, en précisant, et cela me parait important, que si les effets de ce baume ont été longs à se faire ressentir c’est sans nul doute dû au fait que je luttais déjà depuis 9 jours contre ce hot spot avant de l’utiliser. Ce qui m’importe c’est d’avoir pu soulager mon chien de la douleur rapidement . Et même si cela a pris du temps concernant la guérison, les résultats sont là, il faut juste parfois se montrer patient.

   Cristina fra Javea   15.09.2021

El producto es genial y muy eficaz.

   Wolfram fra Drensteinfurt   09.09.2021

Sehr zu empfehlen. Besten Dank

   Daniela fra Altena   04.09.2021

Sehr schnelle Lieferung.

   Stefanie fra Berlin   01.09.2021

Sehr gute Salbe, hat gut geholfen.

   Susanna fra Eystrup   28.08.2021

Ich habe bisher nur 2x die Schorfsalbe angewandt und bin mit dem Resultat bei meinem Hund sehr zufrieden!

   Verena fra Aurich   26.08.2021

Mein Labrador Rüde hat seit einigen Monaten um sein Auge ein trockenes Ekzem mit sehr starkem Juckreiz. Bisher hat nichts wirklich geholfen. Peticar wende ich seit einigen Tagen an, konnte aber bis jetzt keine Besserung feststellen. Weil die Anwendungszeit erst kurz ist, kann ich es noch nicht bewerten.

   jacques fra plonevez du faou   22.08.2021

tres contente du produit a voir dans le temps en vous remerciant

   lisena fra Arese   18.08.2021

ottimo prodotto, su hotspot da dermatite estiva risultato visibile dopo poche ore dalla prima applicazione. indispensabile anche HEALTH 2100 da usare in combo per un risultato efficace anche sulle croste. Della stessa linea ho acquistato anche lo shampoo, lo stiamo testando, recensirò prossimamente.

   Bärbel fra Herdecke   15.08.2021

Schnelle Sendung, gutes Produkt.

   Leona fra Hettstedt   13.08.2021

Sehr gute Produkte. Ohne Chemie, sehr tierfreundlich und wirksam.

    fra VALLEDORIA   04.08.2021

Non ci sono stati problemi e celebre dell'evasione dell'ordine

   Rolf fra Ratzeburg    03.08.2021

Alles ok, vielen Dank

   Torsten fra Buchholz   31.07.2021

Alles super, gerne wieder! Vielen Dank für das sehr wirksame Produkt und viele Grüße

   Bertolo fra Giaveno   29.07.2021

Il mio amico peloso incomincia a stare meglio. Grazie

   Roberto fra Levanto   28.07.2021

Sono cliente da molti anni!!!e continuo a promuovere.i vostri prodotti chiunque mi chieda informazioni su possibili dermatite estive!!!il vostro prodotto è una vera bomba!allieva rapiedamente la.pelle del cane e aiuta moltissimo nella guarigione! Molto meglio delle classiche medicine con cortisoni dentro,che a volte fanno piu male che bene! Per questo consiglio e raccomando peticare,il numero uno in questo settore,per i nostri amici a 4 zampe!!!

   Martina fra Heyen   20.07.2021

Habe schon so vieles bei HOT Spots probiert, nichts hat geholfen. Diese Salbe allerdings ist Klasse! Bereits nach 3 Tagen war der Spuk vorbei und es haben sich auch keine neuen Stellen gebildet. Absolut empfehlenswert!

   Andrea fra 9074 Keutschach   20.07.2021

Habe schon einige Produkte für meine Hunde und Pferde bestellt

   Monika fra Troisdorf   17.07.2021

Erstklassige Wirkung und frei von Chemikalien. Super Produkt.

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