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Eksempleje til hunde - stopper kløe hos hunden

Eksempleje til hunde - stopper kløe hos hunden

Dermatitis in dogs: why is Peticare really helpful

When a dermatitis is present, your dog suffers from painful wounds and in these points the hair often sticks together and the animal feels a strong itching. As a result of scratching, the area of the wound is worsened, but one cannot appeal to the intellect of the animal for it does not scratch anymore. The area must be protected with effective care.

Understanding eczema in dogs: why do advice not help

The wound area on the skin must be kept sterile, so that it has a chance to heal. In the search for a truly effective remedy against summer dermatitis in dogs, as well as against dermatitis or neurodermatitis, you will always find recommendations regarding the use of ointments, which take care of the area in a timely manner. The preparation is usually applied in the form of an ointment and should keep the area clean and contribute to healing.

The problem of conventional preparations for the treatment of dermatitis in dogsIn most preparations, the active ingredient is applied all over the area to be treated. As soon as the dog rolls in the grass or is caressed lovingly on the fur, the applied remedy loses its effectiveness as it is simply taken away. The microbacteria can penetrate the skin with eczema, which is further aggravated.

Why is Peticare different: give your dog the best treatment against eczema

As a matter of fact, you receive not just a cure, but 17,000. In fact, we divide an active ingredient into so many parts, so that it can help through a broad and long-lasting effect against eczema or dog's summer dermatitis. Thanks to this technology, the effect of the preparation can start more quickly. The dog feels relief immediately after application. The divided active substances are incorporated in a homogeneous structure, which we call matrix. When a layer of eczema remedy is removed, other active ingredients are released from the matrix and the ointment helps and helps and helps ... We promise you a long-term effect up to 24 hours. The Peticare preparations are all antibacterial and prevent the affected areas from getting worse due to new bacteria that could penetrate them. When you apply Peticare products, you are doing something good for your dog and the dermatitis will be soon forgotten.

Peticare helps against dermatitis in dogs: its advantages at a glance 
• 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals
• Totally harmless if the animal licks the treated area
• Stops itching immediately
• Durable protection up to 24 hours after a single application, thanks to the depot effect
• Disinfects the wound and protects it from bacteria
• Helps in all forms of eczema

Save the cost of continuous veterinary visits and antibiotics and choose a treatment that really helps your dog.

Which Peticare products help against dermatitis?

PetDog Health 2100 is recommended against summer dermatitis in dogs. This product helps not only in summer dermatitis, but also in other skin diseases such as dermatitis or neurodermatitis. The technologies contained in the preparation accelerate the healing of the dog's skin. The product is applied to the affected areas through the dispenser. Nothing more is needed, so that your dog will soon feel well again in his own skin.
We recommend Peticare® petDog Health 2104 for fur care of a dog attacked by eczema. The special shampoo helps in case of severe itching. Mites, larvae and eggs can also be removed in a gentle manner. The irritated skin is soothed and can recover.
PetAnimal Health 2107 is a special ointment for rapid regeneration. The cellular regeneration of the skin is stimulated, the itching relieved and the skin is calmed.