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Beskyttelse mod flåter - Spot-On mod mider og flåt Pålidelig beskyttelse af hunde
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Parasitter Kløe Stop | Shampoo Kløe Mideangreb Svampeangreb
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Sårpleje SkinRepair | Balm Sår Eksem
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Sår Eksem - petDog Health 2107

You yourself know the unpleasant feeling of being stung by a mosquito during the summer season. The itching arrives, which unfortunately guarantees sleepless hours during the night. Exactly the same also happens to your dog, if it is not sufficiently protected from mosquitoes. Especially the black flies cause a serious itching in the animal because they do not sting, but actually bite the animal's skin. The reaction ranges from mild to severe swelling up to blood poisoning. Another unfortunate topic for dog owners is ticks. During the spring time and summer time you will find a tick in the fur of the dog almost every walk in the particularly affected areas. Peticare has developed highly effective products that allow you and your pet to fully enjoy the summer time without mosquitoes and ticks.

Ticks and mosquitoes in the dog: so you can protect your dog with Peticare

Ticks can carry serious diseases not only in humans but also in dogs. These include borreliosis, TBE or anaplasmosis. In order to protect the animal from infection, effective protection is required. Often the suggestion is given that the best way to protect the animal from ticks is to quickly take the animals away from the affected areas. The risk of attack is minimized thanks to a quick return home. Furthermore, there are many preparations on the market which, following their application on the animal's skin, give off fragrances that should keep away the ticks.

The problem with conventional methods against ticks and mosquitoes in dogs

The products that give off scents to repel insects do not last long in most cases. When the animal rolls in the lawn or is caressed after application, the film present on the skin is removed and therefore loses its effectiveness. Thus, in these areas you can immediately find ticks or mosquito bites again.

The solution: Peticare against mosquitoes and ticks in the dog

Peticare works with the active ingredient ICARIDIN, known as a highly effective defense against ticks, mosquitoes and other insects. We have divided this basic active ingredient one thousand thousand times and we have incorporated it into a matrix together with the excipients. From here the active ingredients are not released immediately all together, but gradually over a period of 24 hours. When the animal has licked off the first layer, the next one is simply released. The animal is therefore protected with a single application all day against mosquitoes and ticks.

The active ingredients evaporate on the skin and are usually perceived by insects through the sense of smell. This makes your dog no longer interesting and so is no longer disturbed by insects and ticks.

The advantages of Peticare care products against mosquitoes and ticks at a glance

1. Easy application
2. A single application is sufficient to protect an entire day
3. Depot effect up to 24 hours
4. Different types of preparations (spray, roll-on, ointment)
5. Effective protection against mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges, ticks, etc.
6. Free from poisons and biologically based products

We recommend these Peticare products against ticks and mosquitoes in dogs

We recommend  petAnimal Protect 2009 against the summer attack of mosquitoes and ticks in dogs. The spray can be applied quickly on impatient dogs and has a deposit effect up to 24 hours. For dogs that are particularly affected by black flies attacks we recommend petAnimal Protect 2011.