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peticare - optimal beskyttelse og pleje til hunde

peticare - optimal beskyttelse og pleje til hunde

Peticare - Best care and optimal protection for your dog.

To be greeted in the morning by a tail scuffle and be accompanied during the day by a four-legged friend with a shiny coat and a healthy curiosity: this is how dog owners imagine the ideal life with their dog. To keep it this way, dog care and protection against its diseases are very important. Healthy dogs need regular care to feel good for a long time. Sick dogs depend on the cure that their owners will have to find against the disorder. In both cases, Peticare has the right solution.

Care products for dogs that feel good

Taking care of the dog does not start only when the animal suffers from fleas, eczema or aggressive mosquito's bites. It starts where a disease can be prevented from the beginning by the right care product. With peticare special dog shampoo, you keep the dog's coat clean in a  gentle way. The peculiarity of this shampoo for dogs of every breed is that it restores the protective function of the dog's skin through a special release system. The shampoo for dogs facilitates combability of the hair, preventing the hairs from sticking together, thus ensuring optimal ventilation of the skin. The risk of irritation and eczema is therefore greatly reduced. To support all above mentioned, we have developed a protective spray for dogs that is repellent against dust and dirt, hydrates and also acts against the formation of knots. The caffeine contained in the spray is formulated as a deposit and released only gradually onto the dog's skin. This gives you maximum effect with just one application on the dog's coat. 

Protection and efficacy for dogs with eczema and itching

Through caring and loving care it is not always possible to prevent the dog from getting sick or suffering from the unpleasant consequences of flea or mite infestation. A walk in nature is enough to attract lawn mites, lice or fleas. Infestation with these insects is always associated with unpleasant or dangerous consequences for the dog. The animal has an itch, the fur falls and an eczema forms in the affected area. If this is not treated properly, other germs can invade the open wound and endanger the health of the dog. This is why it is very important for you, as a dog owner, to cure eczema from the beginning.

peticare - Cure in case of itching and mites in the dog

To quickly release the dog from the unpleasant consequences of a flea and mite attack, peticare has developed an effective cure. With the Peticare's dog remedy for mites you have a highly effective care product that works on all mites, fungi and fleas. Not only does the remedy for mites immediately eliminate itching, but it also forms a protective layer on open wounds, allowing the skin to heal quickly without being further attacked. The problem with conventional mite remedies is mainly in the type of application. If the dog licks or rolls on the grass after application, the ingredients are taken away. The peticare mite remedy for the dog starts right here. The active ingredients are incorporated together with the excipients in a matrix that allows a delayed and prolonged release of the active ingredients. A single application lasts up to 24 hours. With the dog care of peticare, itching stops immediately. So, the dog stops scratching and lets the wound heal quickly.  

Try the Peticare dog care products

In addition to dog shampoo and eczema care, we have developed other dog care products that allow you and your dog a healthy and happy life together. These include for example special products for the paws care, when the roads are icy in winter and sprinkled with salt, and mosquito repellent in the summertime.

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