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Ørerenser Ørepleje | Lotion Indlejringer Ørevoks Lugte
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Indlejringer Ørevoks Lugte - petDog Health 2110

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Parasitter Kløe Stop | Overfladedesinfektion Lotion | Spray
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Lotion | Spray - petCat Set 2136

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Sårpleje SkinRepair | Balm Sår Eksem
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Sår Eksem - petDog Health 2107

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Parasitter Kløe Stop | Shampoo Kløe Mideangreb Svampeangreb
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Kløe Mideangreb Svampeangreb - petCat Health 3104

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Sårpleje SkinRepair Balm | Puder
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Balm | Puder - petDog Set 2132

Living Clean 2010
Overfladedesinfektion | Spray Bakterier Vira Mider Svamp
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Bakterier Vira Mider Svamp - Living Clean 2010

Cats Hygiene: Keeps your pet healthy

Cats are real adventurers and they find a playground everywhere. Outdoor cats love to roam the undergrowth, hunt for mice, and roll in the molehill. Even home cats like to hang upside down in the toilet or to look in the garbage for useful food leftovers. In orderto avoid that your cat brings home pests and germs or that it can be quickly freed from them, we have developed the appropriate care system for cat hygiene.

Disinfection protects against germs and keeps the environment clean

In particular, if your pet suffers from inflammation, has been attacked by fleas, or has open wounds, the disease can not heal if the environment is not clean. It always comes back to a new infection. To prevent this, use the peticare surface disinfection for animals. The spray has a sustained germ and virus killing effect and should be used on all surfaces with which the animal comes into contact, for example 

- in cat baskets
- on cat covers
- in transport boxes
- in the litter box
- on cat scratching trees
- in medical practices and operating theaters

This makes the peticare disinfection for cat hygiene so special

Many disinfectants work only until they are wiped away by the lickingof the animal. This disinfectant spray for cat hygiene works for up to 7 days. In 99% of applications, protection is still available after one week. After a single application to the surfaces, the spray reliably kills germs and viruses. It works against a large number of microorganisms, for example against hepatitis B and C viruses, against rotaviruses, yeasts and molds. Not only the animal, but also the owner stays healthy. We abstain from using harmful chemical ingredients during manufacture and work exclusively with natural ingredients. As a result, the hygiene disinfection for cats is absolutely safe and can also be used in kitten or pregnant animals. 

Clean the litter box properly: How to use this special surface disinfectant?

The litter box is a paradise for germs. In the excretions of the animal may be included vermin and various bacteria and germs, which multiply rapidly due to the warm humid climate in the litter box. Peticare has developed a special 3-phase effect. After 5 minutes exposure, all germs on the surfaces are immediately eliminated. A kind of protective layer is formed on the surfaces. This layer works for up to 7 days and effectively kills viruses, bacteria and fungi in the litter box during this period.  

The antibacterial care products by peticare

Especially for skin diseases, a clean and hygienic environment is important for the animal, so that the wound can heal well and it does not come again and again to new infections. For eczema, scabs and bites as well as allergic rashes, we have developed a special, disinfecting wound ointment for cats. This ointment not only promotes the healing process, but disinfects the wound and lays over it like a protective film. The wound can heal without new germs invading. 

The peticare release system to support wound healing and skin regeneration

The disinfectant skin care and wound ointment is equipped with the peticare release system, which allows a delayed release of the active ingredients. The natural ingredients are stored in a porous shell. When cat licks the wound, commercial ointments are simply removed and can no longer work. The peticare ointment simply releases the next layer in this case, thus ensuring effective wound healing.  


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