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Protection and care for cats

Protection and care for cats

Cat care with the peticare care system

The little adventurers on 4 velvet paws like to bring home one or the other's own pet. Mites, ticks and fleas feel particularly well in the half-length hair of the animal. They trigger itching on the skin of the cat or cause eczema. You can finally do something now against it! We have developed a care series for cat care that you can use both preventively and to support wound healing. Anyone who has the peticare products for cat care in the house gets all-round protection against mites, fleas, fungi, ticks and skin diseases.

Disinfection - highly effective against new contagion and preventive against vermin and germs

Fleas, fungi and mites like to multiply quickly. If the animal is already infected, all surfaces with which the cat comes into contact should be disinfected. Otherwise, the velvet paw contracts vermin again and again and you have little chance to take effective action against it. Therefore, our  surface disinfection for cats is a must for all pet owners. The special thing about the peticare disinfection is the lasting effectiveness. The disinfectant works on surfaces for 7 days without having to renew the protective layer. You simply spray all the surfaces that the animal comes into contact with - for example cat baskets, litter boxes, floors or even the cat cover. A highly effective protective layer is formed, that promises antibacterial hygiene and antimicrobial cleanliness. Vermin disappears after the first application, the animal quickly gets rid of fleas, ticks & Co. and your household always stays clean even with stray cats. 

Summertime is mosquito time - but not with peticare

Mosquitoes, gadflies and flies feel well in the warm season and like to choose the cat as a food source. A bite is not only painful for the animal, but it can also transmit contagious diseases. A summer without mosquito bites and tick bites? Yes, you get it, if you treat your pet the highly effective care product for cats against the annoying mosquito pest (petAnimal Protect 2009). The peticare Animal Protect contains the skin-friendly and highly effective ICARIDIN, which repels insects, mosquitoes and ticks - not only for the moment, but over a period of up to 8 hours. The repellent does not kill insects on the skin, but evaporates there. The resulting smell makes the cat no longer interesting for stinging and biting insects. This effect lasts for several hours thanks to the peticare release system. Even if the cat cleans the fur during this time, the insect repellent remains.

Fast wound healing with a highly effective ointment against inflammation and eczema

Bites, abrasions or inflammatory eczema caused by insect bites can grow into serious diseases. An open area is like an invitation to bacteria and germs to nest here and multiply. To prevent this, we hand you our special wound ointment for wound healing in the cat. The ointment immediately exerts an antibacterial effect on the skin, relieves itching and promotes self-regeneration. We have made this care completely without hormones and cortisone, but only on the basis of natural ingredients. The ointment restores the natural balance of the skin and stays there for several hours. This is made possible by our specially developed release system, which guarantees a retarded release of all active ingredients.

The innovation: Delayed release of the active ingredients for a lasting effect

peticare differs from other care products in one important respect. Cats usually lick ointments and creams immediately from the fur, roll in the grass or shed on house walls. As a result, the active ingredients often have no time to develop their healing or protective effect.

This is exactly where the peticare care system comes in. We store the natural active ingredients in a porous structure - the so-called matrix. There, the ingredients are initially stored and only gradually released. If the cat brushes, then the underlying layer is simply released. So, the agent has time to develop its full effectiveness. The sustained-release effect lasts for several hours.


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