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Hestepleje og pelspleje

Hestepleje og pelspleje

Care of the horse's coat and mane

The coat and mane of the horse immediately provide information at first sight if the animal feels well, if it is healthy and well tended. But the care of the coat and mane of the horse should not be done only for aesthetic reasons. The animal's skin performs important tasks and assumes protective functions and regulatory processes. It regulates body temperature, controls the water and electrolyte balance, absorbs oxygen and is an important organ for the elimination of scoriae and degradation products.

Here is what you need to pay attention to when handling your coat and mane

We advise you to use different products for the care of mantle, skin and mane, so as to satisfy their different needs. Further below we will give you an overview of our care system for the treatment of the coat and mane in the horse:

1. Grooming of coat in the horse

Peticare Care of the coat ensures that the hairy roots are activated and that they promote hair growth. Moisturizing ingredients ensure at all times that the hair does not dry out and that it receives a silky shine. The care spray is also dust and dirt repellent - this makes the care of the horse after the ride much easier. 

2. Tail and mane care in the horse

Peticare has developed a very effective care for the long hair of the horse, which makes the animal's tail soft and supple. This is not only pleasant to the touch, but also prevents tail hair from sticking to one another. The tail is easy to comb and shines with a lasting and silky shine. Furthermore, the caffeine deposit promotes hair growth. 

What is so special about Peticare tail and mane care products?

A care product can show the promised effect only if it remains on the animal's body long enough. Conventional care products are quickly washed away after light rain or by rolling the animal in the barn or lawn. Therefore, Peticare protects the active ingredients and stores them in a so-called active substance matrix. As a result, they are released gradually and are available on the animal's fur and tail for up to 24 hours. The porous structure allows a delayed release of the active ingredients. If a layer is removed, the layer below will be used. The coat and the tail are therefore permanently protected and supplied in the best possible way.

Care of the coat and mane in case of itching and skin diseases

If your horse suffers from itching caused, for example, by fungus and mite infestations, Peticare also offers you special products to treat horse skin diseases. These products also have the delayed release system of the active ingredients. As a result, efficacy improves permanently and the animal regenerates quickly. Itching and other symptoms can be stopped immediately. A new infection is prevented by the 24-hour long effect.