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Eksem hos hesten - eksemplejemiddel

Eksem hos hesten - eksemplejemiddel

Sweet itch in the horse

The right help comes from peticare

"My horse suffers from eczema every summer. I have already tried everything, but nothing helps. "Sentences like these are very often among horse owners, because this skin disease affects many animals every year during the warm season. You can recognize the sweet itch in the horse on scaly skin and itching, which occurs especially on the mane comb and on the tail turnip. The proper care of the affected areas is very important, otherwise it can lead to secondary infections, which can even be life-threatening for the animal. In addition, horses suffer differently from the effects of a sweet itch.

How does sweetitch actually develop in the horse?

the skin disease or the sweet itch is triggered by the bite of the blackflies and / or midges. Many horses are allergic to secretions left by the black flies and biting midges in the horse's skin. Especially on the belly but also on the tail turnip and on the mane comb it comes to a strong itching after the bite of the black fly and / or the biting midges. The animal tries to reach these areas and scrub them. It often provokes the emergence of open, bloody spots. In some cases, these sites become crusted and self-healing. Sometimes, however, eczema also provides an excellent breeding ground for germs and bacteria and leads to secondary infections, which can even lead to death in severe cases or in immunocompromised animals. Reason enough to look for an effective remedy for the sweet itch in the horse, which relieves the symptoms, promotes rapid recovery and prevents re-infection. The peticare care products cover the entire cycle from prophylaxis to eczema care.

Tip 1: Avoid the bite of the black fly or the biting midges from the beginning with the STOP Attack

Probably the most effective remedy for eczema in horses is not to let it arise. With the  STOP attack against black flies, peticare has developed a very effective product that scares black flies and biting midges by using special, biochemical messengers. The special product is applied on about 5 to 7 spots on the body of the animal and it sends out so-called alarm pheromones. These messenger substances are perceived by 1550 species of blackflies and 5000 species of biting midges and identified as a danger. This avoids the approach to the animal and eczema can not even arise. The special feature of this peticare product against the sweet itch in horses is the delayed effectiveness. The active ingredients are stored together with the auxiliary active ingredients in a so-called matrix and released in a delayed way. Even if the animal scratches or rolls on the floor, the spots on the skin are preserved and the underlying drug layer emerges. You only need to use the product once a day and the animal is protected against the approach of these insects for 24 hours and therefore also against the sweet itch.

Tip 2: Helping eczema care especially for the sweet itch in the horse

For affected horses there is often hardly any help when a sweet itch has formed. The problem with most care products is that they are immediately washed off and / or volatilized again. If the animal rolls or shivers, the active ingredients are no longer on the skin and the eczema continues to develop or can not heal. This is exactly where  the peticare care system against sweet itch starts in the horse. The active ingredients of the eczema care are broken down into the smallest components and stored in a porous structure. From there, the active ingredients are released gradually. When we remove a layer, the underlying layer comes out. This ensures a continuous delivery of the individual active ingredients. Inflammatory skin reactions such as itching, burning, swelling or dandruff are stopped immediately and the horse's skin can regenerate quickly. It is sustainably protected against microbial and bacterial infestation with just one application a day. 

Tip 3: Scab Ointment against areas with scabs

If the skin is already worn out, then the peticare scab ointment (petHorse Health 2016) can help, as it effectively eliminates crust and scab. The encrustation is gently softened and thus supports the scar-free healing of the skin. This also speeds up cell regeneration. The disinfectant property of the scab ointment also protects against other pathogens. Again, the proven peticare release system with the delayed release of active ingredients is used.