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Hundepleje og pelspleje fra peticare

Hundepleje og pelspleje fra peticare

Care and growth of dog hair

Skin care is an important topic in dog care. After all, from the condition of the dog's hair some conclusions can be drawn about the health of the animal and if it feels literally good in its skin. Moreover, it is also useful for the early diagnosis of diseases. Peticare has developed a well-stocked assortment of products for a specific cure that are able to keep the animal's hair healthy and make it shine in all its brilliance..

Why is dog grooming so important?

It is a lie to say that dogs, especially those with very long hair, can take care of their hair completely on their own. On the contrary, they depend on the conscientious owner who treats and brushes the fur regularly. In many breeds the length of the hair derives from artificial selection and therefore requires an adequately high maintenance effort. Regardless of the length, the hair of the dog must be regularly combed and brushed to remove fallen hair. This hair care should be intensified, especially during moulting periods. Dead and detached skin must be removed from the hair in a timely manner to prevent it from sticking. This is the only way to achieve unobstructed air circulation. If this circulation is hindered, skin diseases can be caused. This includes dermatitis or the establishment of ectoparasites. A shampoo should also be used regularly to persistently remove grime after taking a walk in nature.

In addition, dog owners are filled with joy to see their animal with a silky and well-groomed fur. To maintain this condition for as long as possible after skin care, we have developed special products:

petDog Care 2102: this is the peculiarity of the Peticare care system
This fur care product petDog Care 2102 has been specially developed by Peticare to keep the animal's coat soft for a long time and to stimulate natural hair growth. The spray is applied to the surface hair to give a silky shine. The damaged hair is strengthened and provided with a special protective layer, which has a repellent effect against dust and dirt. For this purpose the special caffeine release system is used. The active ingredients are not released in an unprotected manner, but are instead stored in a matrix of active substances. Even when the dog runs and plays through woods and meadows, only the outer layer can be removed. The stored active substances are simply released from the underlying layer and take care of the coat in a lasting way. 

The petDog Care 2105 dog shampoo works with the same system.

Hair care in dogs with dermatitis and other skin diseases

Especially when the animal has been infected with eczema, intensive and gentle skin care is of enormous importance. Peticare has developed specific care products for diseased or stressed skin that protect the skin from dermatitis, prevent it from aggravating and accelerate healing.

Products like Peticare® petDog Protect 2101 are highly effective care products that help the healing of dog skin after mite infestation. Here too the special release system is used. The active ingredients are incorporated into a matrix from which they are gradually released. This product immediately stops the itch under which the animal suffers, protects the wound and supports it towards healing.

We have the right product for your pet's hair care. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.