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Potepleje til betændte hundepoter

Potepleje til betændte hundepoter

Peticare helps this way with the paw care for the dog

It depends primarily on the season, how intensive do dog owners have to care the paws . During the winter, roads and paths are icy and road salt is laid out on them. These salts attack the sensitive pads of the paws. Also broken pieces of glass. Too long claws or grit on the streets claim the paws of the four-legged and trigger inflammation. Luckily, you have discovered peticare - paw care products that really help.

Why does the dog paw get inflamed?

Your dog is a so-called toe-runner. This means that he does not walk on the soles of his feet like his owner, but on his toes. That makes him very agile. The paw bale makes up the largest part of the dog paw. It is thick and horny and forms a natural protection on surfaces and against foreign bodies. However, this protection is not absolute, but keeps the dog paw away from a general stress. However, dangers lurk everywhere on the road or in the forest, against which even the horny layer does not provide 100% protection. Shards or thorns can quickly penetrate through the hard skin and penetrate as a foreign body in the paw. Inflammations arise. The dog quickly draws attention to such a foreign body by licking the paw or by foundering. Even too long nails can trigger such a reaction on the paw. Now it is important to remove the foreign object. Then peticare offers you a special ointment for paw care:

petDOG Care 2103: paw care in the dog against inflammation

This biologically effective care has been specially developed for paw care in dogs. The product can be applied directly on sore, inflamed or even open dog paws, contrary to many other products. The product has been specially developed for winter care with a long-term antimicrobial and antibacterial depot effect. The active ingredients are incorporated together with the auxiliary active ingredients in a drug matrix. While other care products for paw care are quickly washed off, the ingredients in the petDog Care 2103 ointment are released gradually. The product provides: 

1. care for cracked and brittle bales during the wintertime
2. prevention of hardening from dehydration of the dog paw
3. a stop to the itching
4. elimination of harmful germs and pathogens
5. speeding up of the healing of the skin

You can also apply the product prophylactically,in order to prevent wounding of the dog paw. The ointment forms a natural protective layer on the paw, which strengthens the bale and protects it from invading bacteria. The product is made without toxic chemical substances and can therefore be used even puppies and young dogs.

How is peticare's paw care applied?

You can use petDOG Care 2103 as a protection against the weather at any season. Even in the summer, it keeps the bale of dog paw from drying out and forms a natural protective layer. Thoroughly cleanse the dog paw before use and apply thinly with the care product for the paw's care once a day. The ointment is very productive due to its depot effect.


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