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Kløe og mider hos hunde

Kløe og mider hos hunde

Fungi and mite infestation in dogs can occur in different ways. One of the most common symptoms is itching. Even a perfect and careful care of the dog cannot prevent the dog from being attacked by mites or skin fungi.

So you can tell if your dog is suffering from a skin fungus

Dog owners who are very careful about their animal soon realize that their dog does not feel well. If the cause of this disease is a fungus or 
 a mite infestation, it is expressed with a strong itching. The animal loses fur in the affected areas, so as to form easily visible circular areas. There is no part of the body that is more affected, for yeasts or Microsporum Canis can spread anywhere on the animal's skin. Dog skin fungus is very insidious, because it can be transmitted to other pets and even humans at any time. Dog owners should therefore act quickly in order to free the animal that is affected by itching as well as to prevent the spread of the skin fungus on the dog.

How do you recognize a mite infestation in dogs?

Mites are parasites similar to spiders, which hide everywhere in the dog's environment. From plants, trees or grass they can pass to the dog and spread in the fur of the animal. While some species of mites are harmless to the animal and do not even bother them, other mites cause pain to the dog. Among these is included, for example, the lawn mite, which usually lurks on the lips or between the animal's legs. Its saliva is strongly allergenic and causes a strong itching and consequently further reactions such as puffy eyes or hives on the skin. Ear mites also belong to the most common species of mites; they cause strong inflammation in the animal's ear and are highly contagious.

Peticare: our dog care helps with itching in dogs this way

When your dog is infested with mites or suffers from a skin fungus, relief can come in two ways:

1. Prevent further fungal infestation

To help the dog in a lasting way, it is important to prevent the spread of the infestation. It is therefore very important to disinfect the animal's environment sufficiently. For this purpose, Peticare has developed special disinfectants for surfaces. The disinfectant kills germs and bacteria reliably. The disinfectant effect can last up to 7 days on all surfaces such as the dog basket, the dog covers or the dog cage. Even the animal's brushes, combs and toys must be disinfected enough to prevent further attack by the fungus.

2. Soothe the itch in the dog

Peticare has developed highly effective dog care products, which are helpful against skin fungi and mites. These include the antifungal product petDog protect 2101 against mites and itching, the special shampoo petDog Health 2104 and the special skin repair ointment petAnimal Health 2107.

Why are Peticare products so effective against itching in dogs

In the treatment of animals the big challenge always consists in the fact that the four-legged friend does not immediately lick the care products applied and thus renders them ineffective. However, it is practically impossible to prevent it, especially in areas that the animal can easily reach with its snout. Therefore, the Peticare products act with a particular technology. While other products provide for the release of the active ingredient at the point of application and it is therefore necessary to put another product after each caress or licking, Peticare works by dividing the active ingredients into 16,000 tiny components. These active substance particles are incorporated together with the excipients into a gradually decomposing matrix. If, for example, after applying the lotion, your dog is  stroked or rolls in the grass, the next layer of active ingredient is simply released. Thanks to this deposit effect, the itching is stopped immediately and for a long time, and the penetration of further parasites or skin fungi is prevented in this area. The skin can regenerate. All products are made on a natural basis and are absolutely free from danger to humans and animals.

You can have the care products for dogs against fungus and mite itch even on sets at a special price in our store.

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